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Mitch harts gross pay for this week is 425.78. He is single and claims 2 allowances

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Marco has $38.43 dollars in his checking account. his checking account is linked to his amazon music account so he can buy music. the songs he purchases cost $1.29. part 1: write an expression to describe the amount of money in his checking account in relationship to the number of songs he purchases. part 2: describe what the variable represents in this situation.
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Powerful women's group has claimed that men and women differ in attitudes about sexual discrimination. a group of 50 men (group 1) and 40 women (group 2) were asked if they thought sexual discrimination is a problem in the united states. of those sampled, 11 of the men and 19 of the women did believe that sexual discrimination is a problem. if the p-value turns out to be 0.035 (which is not the real value in this data set), then at = 0.05, you should fail to reject h0. at = 0.04, you should reject h0. at = 0.03, you should reject h0. none of these would be a correct statement.
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Written as a simplified polynomial in standard form, what is the result when (2x+8)^2(2x+8) 2 is subtracted from 8x^2-38x 2 −3?
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Acredit union pays 5% annual interest, compounded daily, on saving deposits. find the value after one year of $500 deposited in this account. a-$20.40 b-$25.64 c-$520.40 d-$525.64
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Mitch harts gross pay for this week is 425.78. He is single and claims 2 allowances...

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