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Is the barbumda triangle real

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Which statement best describes the primary conflict that the narrator experiences in this passage? the conflict is character vs. self, since the narrator does not believe in his own ability to fight the dog. the conflict is character vs. nature, since the narrator encounters a dog that presents a danger to him. the conflict is character vs. technology, since the narrator does not have the right tools to protect himself. the conflict is character vs. society, since the narrator is dealing with the effects of society’s destruction.
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Which event occurred in the nearly two-year time span between act 3 and act4 of the tragedy of julius caesar?
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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?  a. under a microscope; the organisms look a bit like ruffled tennis balls they have armored plates that fit together to make a round shape. b. when the water is disturbed; the organisms respond by glowing this makes swimmers look like floating beams of blue light. c. there is a bay in puerto rico that seems to light up at night; the light comes from tiny organisms in the water. d. the luminescence attracts visitors from around the world people are curious to see; this beautiful otherworldly sight.
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What is the correct definition of a canal? a) a machine that picks cotton faster b) a large entity that can carry heavy loads c) a man made ditch filled with water d) a boat that can travel up the current
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Is the barbumda triangle real...

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