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List the features of the gaseous exchange surface in humans.

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Match the digestive enzymes to the macro molecules they to digest. down fats into glycerol and fatty acids down carbohydrates into simple sugars down nucleic acids into nitrogenous bases and simple sugars down proteins into amino acids
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Which organisms have pharyngeal arches that develop from all three germ layers and go through the same development stages as embryos? 1.bird 2.ladybug 3.starfish 4.snake
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Plz fast biotechnology is a growing field of applied biology. many crops such as corn have been engineered to be resistant to herbicides. therefore farmers can spray these chemicals to kill weeds growing near the crop without worries of killing the crop itself how does this type of biotechnology work? a. by changing the genetic make up of the crops. b. by causing the crops to kill the weeds. c. by changing the type of crops used. d. by changing the location of the crops.
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How many types of rock can form from the rock cycle
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List the features of the gaseous exchange surface in humans....

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